Astro Plus Color Run Remover Powerful Color Bleed Eliminator Stain Remover Stain Remover.

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Astro PlusColor Run Remover. 

Before Use: Test for color Fastness on Color Fabrice!

Prepare: Carefully Cut Packet Open; Do Not Tear Dissolve 1 Teaspoon of Powder In 2 cups  of Hot Water.

Apply: Apply Solution to an inconspicuous area of each Original Color of  The Garment & Wait For Max 3 Min. Then Thoroughly Rines With Clear Water & Let Dry Completely. 

Compare: If OrignalColors Remain Unchanged, You're Safe to Use The Product As Directed.

Caution: Keep Out of Reach of Children Don't Mix With Acids, Bleach, or other Household Cleaning Products. Avoid Contact With Eyes If in Eyes. Rinse With Water For 15 Minutes And Consult Physician.

How To Use :

Fill Bucket With 1 Litter Hottest Water Permitted By The Fabric Care Label Thoroughly Dissolve 2 Teaspoons. Color Stain Remover In The Water. Do Not Add Any Detergent.

Add Dye Stained Garments, Ensuring That Are Immersed. Stir Until Wanted Color Is Removed.

Remove the Garment, Rinse Thoroughly With Warm Water And Then Wash With Detergent As Usual Repeat If Necessary.

astro plus
Container Type Box
Form Factor POWDER
Quantity 200G
Pack Of 1
Color SAFE

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