Astro Plus Dry Clean At Home With Advance Cleaning Technology No.1 Cleaning Agent 3 Wipes 90 ml


  • Brand: Astro Plus+
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The Washing In Delicate Wash Is Done In A Gentle Way So That It Helps To Retain The Original Colour Of The Clothes And Ensures That The Quality Of The Product Is Not Tempered. • Hence, It Perfectly Works As Dry Cleaning At Home At An Affordable Price. • You Can Use This Product For All Types Of Fabrics. • Soak Clothes One By One And Not Together You May Reuse Water For Soaking Other Clothes At the Same Time. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION • Delicate Wash Is A Gentle Agitation For All Our Delicate Clothes. • It Is Mild In Nature And Can Be Used In All Types Of Fabrics. • After Using This Product The Fabric Doesn’t Get Frayed. • It Rejuvenates Your Clothes And Keeps It Silky And Dazzling After Every Wash. • This Saves Your Dry Cleaning Costs. • These Products Are 100% Eco Non-Toxic, Eco Friendly, And Bio-Degradable Products. Hence, You Can Use The Leftover Water To Water Plants. This Product Works Best in Silk, Cotton, and Georgette Fabrics. CAUTION:? Keep Out Of Reach Of Children And Keep In a Cool And Dry Place.

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