Baby Toy Set of 5 Pcs Jumbo Rattle With Various Exciting Toys For New Born s & Infants Rattle Multicolor

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  • Toy is an important toy after the baby is born, this toy can attract the attention of the baby, so that the baby has more perception of the outside world, with the baby's growth, they will like to touch things, and even bite things, and began to try Touch, feel, vision and taste to understand the world.
  • Different rattles make different sounds and can exercise the baby's hearing, And the grasping rattles can also help to promote the baby's ability to grasp and hand-eye coordination! It Makes A Pleasant And Rattling Sound On Shaking Which Really Excite The Young Ones.
  • This Toy Aids The Child To Learn About Sound And He Or She Tries To Concentrate On The Type Of Sound Produced. Specially designed for newborn and infants as rattles. These rattles improve a child's auditory, visual and tactile senses, keeping baby entertained for hours.
  • This Toy Aids The Child To Learn About A Lot Of Things, Develops shape recognition, hand eye coordination, tactile training, hearing and color recognition. It makes soft and sweet sounds, making the baby curious and happy at the same time. Complete musical rattle set. Best gift for new born babies.
Battery Type No batteries
Character Rattle Set Of Mix Various Characters
Material Plastic
Rechargeable No
Minimum Age 3 Month

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