Soccer Ball Magic Ball Frisbee Deformation UFO Football Flat Throw Disc with LED Light Flying Toys Venting Decompression air Hover Outdoor Garden Beach Game Toy

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  • Features:
  • Safe non-toxic plastic, can step on the flying butterfly ball, three-second return, cute and fun, and even big friends use it as a vent ball, because how to step on it, it is still the original.
  • Can be a parent-child holiday interactive game, flattened in bags, easy to carry 5.

Control method:

  • Force control 6. Applicable age: Unlimited, both adults and children can play 6.
  • Magic UFO Deformed Ball---Throw a disc flying saucer and grab a ball! 7.
  • The is a unique sports toy that transforms from a flying disc to a ball when thrown High quality-- -Magic deformation ufo The flat ball full of flexibility, Clever internal structure , Upgrade big suction chuck, clever nut increasing feel Magic flying saucer ball
  • The deformed UFO spheres are usually separated and expanded into a spherical shape.
  • It doesn't always exist in the form of a frisbee. In order to have the shape of a frisbee, you must always fix it with external force, otherwise it will exist as a ball Vent UFO Ball
  • Super resistant to trampling, the vent ball can be trampled repeatedly. Fast recovery.
  • The spherical shape can be recovered in a few seconds Suitable For All Ages
  • Exercise responsiveness, promote bone development, The flying ball can be a decompression toy, gift, decoration, preschool props, teaching aids and etc.
Material Rubber
Color Blue

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